10 Mobile Influencers You Should Follow

10 Top Mobile Influencers

Staying on top of the latest developments in the mobile market is core to be successful. Learning about the latest trends, participating in discussions about the future and knowing the hottest new technologies is necessary to be a relevant player in this ever-changing environment.

We have collected 10 mobile influencers that inspire us and shape the discussions in the mobile industry. Follow them to always be on top of the ecosystem.

1. Benedict Evans, @

It seems Benedict Evans is one of the smartest guys on earth, having an incredible overview on the whole mobile ecosystem and where it's going. He is and publishes a which we highly recommend.

2. Luke Wroblewski, @

Luke Wroblewski is Product Director at Google and one of the leading product minds on the internet. Being author of his thoughts were and are influencing what mobile products look like today.

3. Dan Kaplan, @

Dan Kaplan is all about growth. He helped amazing companies like Twilio, Asana and Salesforce to get their marketing right. He is also columnist at TechCrunch and writes a .

4. Maribel Lopez, @

Maribel Lopez founded , a leading mobile market research firm. She writes about how mobile changes the world on the and is author at .

5. Ina Fried, @

Journalist Ina Friend writes excellent pieces on everything mobile at . Make sure to follow her and you won't miss out on the latest trends of the industry.

6. Andrew Chen, @

Andrew Chen has written more than on mobile, user growth and fundraising. We recommend to subscribe to his to receive his latest pieces straight to your inbox.

7. Peggy Anne Salz, @

Peggy Anne Salz is analyst and author, leading the technology site . She is also author at and writes about mobile marketing, engagement and apps.

8. Peter Kafka, @

Peter Kafka is a widely regarded tech journalist who is writing for . Having worked for several tech media houses his articles are always thoughtful reads that we recommend.

9. Kevin C. Tofel, @

Kevin C. Tofel writes about the mobile industry since 2003. He covers mobile platforms, apps and services on and we highly recommend his articles, analyzes and podcasts.

10. Benjamin Robbins, @

Last but not least, we recommend to follow Benjamin Robbins. He spent an entire year solely and regularly writes on everything mobile for .

Do you have other awesome influencers we should not miss? Head over to and let us know!