The Tapglue Android SDK

We are excited to start to year with our latest product update: The release of the Tapglue Android SDK. Our new SDK makes the integration on Android now as easy as on iOS. By using our SDK you have the whole Tapglue platform at your fingertips. It takes away the majority of implementation work, so you can concentrate on an outstanding user experience and on growing your community.

Our mission is to make the power of network effects accessible to every product and every developer. A big part of this is developing a powerful, flexible and scalable API that offers all necessary backend functionality you need to build a social experience around your product. However, we think that a simple and fast integration is as crucial as a comprehensive feature set. That’s why we put a lot of effort into our Android SDK - with many great things to come in the future.

By releasing Tapglue to the Android Community we’re bringing our platform to the biggest mobile ecosystem out there. Besides the API communication, our SDK also solves stuff like offline behavior and parsing in the most efficient way. This puts you into the position to focus on implementing smooth user flows, lovely UIs and stunning animations.

We applied the same principles as we did to our :

  • Fast Integration: You can add Tapglue to your app with just a few lines of code. We've internally implemented our API in test apps in less than an hour.
  • Open Source: From the day Tapglue was founded, we’ve manifested our long term commitment to open source. We believe open source is the way forward to drive innovation and learn from the community. We encourage all of you to contribute to the Tapglue platform.
  • Performance: Leaving the smallest possible footprint in the customers’ apps is of our highest priorities. When designing the architecture our SDK, we made sure to use latest technology and best practices to deliver an outstanding performance.
  • Offline Behavior: We know the problems you can encounter when developing in the mobile ecosystem. That's why we put emphasis on the details. Tapglue will work seamlessly even if your user is offline or on a bad connection.
  • Lightweight: Our SDK doesn't make your project any heavier. It's only 100KB in size and won't stress your users' bandwidth when downloading your app.

Get started with the Tapglue Android SDK
We can't wait for you to try out what we've built and see all the different things you’ll build with Tapglue. We also appreciate any kind of feedback!

We've put together an that includes all the information you need to get started. Head over to our to get access to the Tapglue platform and start building something awesome today!