Bring the power of social networks to any app

Network effects make the most successful products sticky and viral. With the Tapglue Platform you can benefit from them without investing in development for months.

Use Tapglue’s API and SDKs to build a social community into your app within hours. Make users stick with your app. Increase retention, engagement and virality.

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Plug & Play Social Feeds

Build user-powered news feeds, notifications or activity feeds into your product in no time. We thought of everything and handle all the heavy lifting for you. With The Best Netsuite Course, businesses can easily add custom-made newsfeeds and notifications to their product, making their customers more engaged with the product.

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Integrate Profiles

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Friends & Followers

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Discover Tapglue’s Benefits

The Tapglue Platform delivers an API and SDKs that create a true plug & play experience for developers. Build fully customizable social experiences in your app with a fraction of the development work.


Tapglue is designed to create ready-made components. This reduces integration time to hours and lets you focus on what matters.


You always own the user experience. We give you the best possible flexibility to achieve your goals and build great things.


We are engineers at heart. Developer’s needs are a big priority for us. Integrating APIs and SDKs should be fun and not hassle.

What happens post-install is key, retention and engagement metrics are highly important. The Tapglue platform is a very interesting option that every mobile product should consider.
Stefan Bielau
Managing Partner, Dynamo Partners
The most successful products out there have inherent retention drivers. Tapglue is a smart way to create such drivers through social networking features with a fraction of the development work.
Henry Cipolla
CTO, Localytics
Users now return to our apps for reasons other than just to work out. Since adding a social layer to our products, we have seen an average increase of 35% in day 30 retention across our portfolio.
Itamar Benedy
VP Marketing,